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3 years ago
Terrorists of Empire and Saudi Arabia Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack (full story!) - Terroristen des Imperiums und Saudi-Arabiens tragen Verantwortung für Chemiewaffen-Angriff (Der ganzer Artikel!)
Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack on Infowars
Paul Joseph Watson | Militants tell AP reporter they mishandled Saudi-supplied chemical weapons, causing accident. - Militante sagen AP-Reporter, dass sie von Saudiarabien gelieferte chemische Waffen falsch gehandhabt hatten und damit den Unfall verursachten.

Paul Joseph Watson
August 30, 2013
Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted to Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for last week's chemical weapons incident which western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-
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