And this is article for the graphic:
Big Brother greift Tor an, bisher wenig Erfolg -- Attacking Tor: how the NSA targets users' online anonymity - Neue Snowden-Enthüllung: NSA versucht, Anonymisierer-Netz Tor zu knacken
It is both in German with links to online Kopp and the other in English with links to theguardian.
Artikel "Facebook verliert elf Millionen Abonnenten" ( Facebook loses eleven million subscribers )

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Now after Facebook there are news about Intel:
"Big Brother mit direktem Zugriff -- “Secret” 3G Intel Chip Gives Snoops Backdoor PC Access - »Geheimer« 3G-Chip von Intel ermöglicht Schnüfflern Zugriff auf Computer"
Maybe we need new picture here. ;)
Artikel übersetzt dazu bei 'Stop Big Brother'!
"Wahrlich kriminell die USA, stoppt einen Wiederholungstäter -- Syria’s “Rebels” Threaten UN – Will Use US Weapons - Syriens "Rebellen" Bedrohen UN - Werden US-Waffen verwenden"

picture about -- NSA 'routinely' shares Americans' data with Israel

NSA 'routinely' shares Americans' data with Israel - Snowden leak

NSA 'routinely' shares US intel with Israel - new Snowden leak on Rt

NSA'常规'股与以色列的美国人的数据 -- NSA "systématiquement" les données Américains actions avec Israël -- イスラエルとNSA'日常'が株式アメリカ人のデータを -- NSA 'rutinaria' comparte datos estadounidenses con Israel -- NSA 'регулярно' акций данных американцев с Из... mehr anzeigen
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Maybe people here knowing "". There is written already 1 year ago:
1) Corporate Contests are closing
... ..... While I could spend additional time and energy to market it better, I don't have the time, bandwidth or resources to do so at the moment.
Sadly, it's time to just close that section down.

We're going to let the existing contests run their course, make sure all artists are paid up and all clients have their logos and then keep the section running for occasional fun or non-profit contests only.

So we must start it only for fun or non-profit contests only. But it could be discussed how to do. I hope it would bring something new to Friendica.
Es wäre natürlich erforderlich, dass die Grafiken auch likes erhalten. Oder ein Vorschlag.
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Neue Bilder
Da war wohl nichts zu sehen. Vielleicht geht es jetzt unter diesem Beitrag.
Gut dann nochmals, sichtbar für alle:
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